Pharmeum was created as a self-funded, bootstrapped product to make businesses, more simple.

The product range makes use of data, and uses it to transfer it between different applications and interfaces.


The entire development was decided to remain as a completely unmonetized product which anyone can use. Sign up and get a walkthrough after passing our due diligence process.


Pharmeum was implemented within several businesses and healthcare organisations since 2019. While the opportunity to create revenue exists, the firm decision by the developers is to remain as a simple, free tool.

Many products, from data vaults, transfer systems, and analytic layers exist all under the same system. For everybody.

Contact us today, or tomorrow, we’re happy to help.


Pharmeum is a data-analytics product which implements a proprietary algorithm that can process specific data-sets in seconds. It does this by flagging key points, comparing against publicly available repositories, and returns detailed analysis.

No – the developers eventually made a decision to keep it as an unmonetized, self-funded project, which will just be used to make everyone’s lives easier. +1 for ethics.

It’s easy. Originally we enabled simple user-access on the site, but after an unprecedented demand during the pandemic, we had to implement a simple due diligence process so we could allocate our resources to enterprises, organisations and healthcare entities.
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